Daddy's Little S2, 2015
Oil on Canvas
40in by 30 in

Daddy's Little S2.jpg

Tuesday's with Ty, 2016
Oil on Canvas
40in by 30in



Weekend at Tia Lauri's, 2015
Oil on Canvas
30in by 40in

Weekend at Tia Lauri's.JPG

Queen Pooh Bear, 2017
Oil on Canvas
24in by 30in



Mimi, 2015
Oil on Canvas
18in by 22in

Grandma & Papa Floyd, 2014
Oil on Canvas
24in by 20in

Papa Keifer at the Grill, 2014
Oil on Canvas
20in by 24in

Chaz, 2014
Oil on Canvas
22in by 18in


My friends and family are the reason my life has and continues to be so complete.  Regardless, if their spirits are here or elsewhere; they keep me company all the time.  Either by hugs & dinners with my physical family & friends.  Those in spirit, keep close with warm breezes, light & reflection.

I choose to compose my portraits with memories of how blessed I feel to have my friends and family in my life.  My goal is to share their stories with the hope that the viewer will be reminded of a special experience or person in their own lives.  If that magical moment happens, then I have been successful.

One of my favorite Ah ha! Moments in life was while I watching an interview of Mitch Albom regarding his book, Tuesdays with Morrie: An Old Man, a Young Man, and Life's Greatest Lesson. 

He said, regardless of how much money you have or will make, how successful you are in your career, or the amount of stuff you possess………… the end, none of these things will have value to you.  When you are close to death, it will only be your friends and family and the memories and experiences you have shared with them that will carry any importance.  I have never forgotten this message, as I live by it.  Cherishing all who I am blessed to have or had in my life.